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  • IBM and ETH Zurich Open Nanotechnology Center

    > Attention Photo Editors:

    Zurich, Switzerland/May 17, 2011//FPSnewswire/ -- TOP: In 1986, IBM scientists Heinrich Rohrer (left) and Gerd Binnig (right) of IBM's Zurich Research Laboratory were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for their invention of the scanning tunneling microscope. (Image courtesy of IBM Research)

    BOTTOM: In its centennial year, IBM is looking to the future at the opening of a new nanotechnology research center in Zurich, Switzerland on May 17, 2011. IBM Fellows and Nobel Laureates Drs. Gerd Binnig (left) and Heinrich Rohrer (right), whose pioneering work paved the way for the study of nanoscience, join IBM Research Senior Vice President Dr. John Kelly III to inaugurate the center, a joint collaboration with university partner ETH Zurich. (Feature Photo Service)

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    Lisa Lanspery

    (914) 499-6532
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